Draw Motion: Cinemagraph App Reviews

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Cheap, Efficient, and High Quality

This app is amazing. If you are looking for a high quality cinemagraph creator, skip the overpriced ones and get this app please. 1.99 isn’t much to remove the watermark and you are directly supporting the developer. the app itself is extremely easy to use and has many options to edit your video within the app. save your⏱ and 💴, and get this app.

Needs a lot

It’s ok I’m kinda mad I paid to remove the watermark, I don’t know if it’s my phone but I tried editing a mp4 format video from my dslr camera and it kept crashing when I tried saving video, and you guys should have HD quality upload etc needs more work. Still ok app for a phone

Need to add Eraser Brush

Pretty good app however I’d like to see an eraser brush added. The undo feature is ok but maybe I don’t want to Undo all of my last Mask. Adding and eraser brush will allow you to better adjust the incorrect mask. Thx

Camera crashed upon start. Please fix.

Thank you.

Not working

Use to work and loved it, but doesn't even work anymore

Not launching

Use to work, now it won't even start.

Absolutely terrible

Will not load videos longer than 1 second (if that), will not save right (the video part on the cinemagraph is blacked out) and it is just terrible. Unless they fix these issues, I do NOT recommend this app.

Buggy and glitchy

Can't get videos to load on my iPad or iPhone. Tried restarting both and even reinstalled the app. Not ready for prime time.


Great app

Cool when it's not crashing

Projects that should take two minutes end up taking hours because it crashes 98% of the time.


Hi, I'm trying to share it on my instagram and it just stays still as a photo. Is there something I'm doing wrong ?

Impressive app!!

Impressive app. Great idea from developer it has a awesome app that I can recommend to anyone.

Awesome app

Amazing app , the developers clearly know what they're doing. Recommend to anyone.


I haven't seen any other app like it. I really enjoy it. It's cool that it take videos and makes the pictures come alive

Cool idea

Cool idea but it has a steep learning curve

Good app

Great app, it is interesting and easy use, download fast, effect and design good, I like it so much, I will recommend my friend install it, thanks.

Tricky to get it properly

I like the idea, but in practice it's hard to get the desired effect. I think one would have to put the phone on something stable, otherwise everything is moving.

Terrible video quality


Cool app!

Very creative cool and creative! Very addicting!

Nice idea but...

This looks like it could be a decent app but you get a file save error every time you try to save.

Doesn't even save

And it crashes.

Whoah this totally works!

I love the blend of still and moving image this app creates. These are all over my feed now.

Almost Amazing!!!

I've been looking for an app that would make great cinemagraphs, but nothing really worked. This app is almost perfect, but it fails when trying to save a project. "Error saving" appears and then my project is gone...all that work disappears. Also, there's no real way to get detailed selection without being able to brush in masking or the option to feather the selections. I will definitely give five stars once the saving option is fixed and there are more options for better detail work.

Great app, very useful

I'd pay to remove the watermark! Make a inapp purchase solution

Makes trippy animations

You know those freaky GIFs where everything is static but a single element, like the rain or someone blinking? This app is that. It's fast and it's pretty easy. Now, to find something fun to capture...

Trippy, weird, and awesome

I'm not sure this app is useful. But it's way too much fun. Drawing on the parts that move is a cool concept, and this app creates some...interesting results. Why does this exist? Not sure. Am I glad it does? Oh yes. Update: bug! I recorded a video, drew some motion, and then it had an error exporting and deleted from the app, it's not in my photos either! And it does have camera and photos permissions on.

Great drawer

This is really an awesome application with such an amazing design - easy to use 👏 I Love the features within the app - I use this app everyday 😎 Highly recommended for you guys 👍

great video editing app

Great application love both the features and design, you guys did a good job with this application and I guess will use it for a long time


At first, I didn't really understand what this app does. But after some digging around, I've not been able to get enough of this app. It just does a great job as advertised. Awesome app for sure.

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